The End
of the Pier

AA Howard Colls Studenship


1. a final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story. "the end of the typology of the pier"

2. the furthest or most extreme part of something. "the pier at the end of the road.

︎ Project Introduction
︎ AA Diploma 12 Brief

Architectural Assocation
Diploma 12, 2019-2020

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The End of the Pier

Vintage British Seaside Posters

Structure Studies on Hastings and Burham Pier, UK

UK Pier Examples and Seasonal Limitations

Ruin Piers in the UK

UK Piers Map and its Decline in Popularity

In the context of
increasingly deprived coastal areas in the UK,

how could the typology of the pier,
as a line sitting on top of these coastal areas,
revive the seaside?

Deprived Household Interior

Reinterpretation of the “Pier” as a Line

UK Deprivation Map


Connection to Land, Jaywick UK

Photos of the deprivation in Jaywick, UK

Event Spaces for Jaywick, UK

Jaywick Coast, UK

Configuration Example for Jaywick, UK

The Amusement Park

Season: Off-peak seasons, or festivals
Targets: Youngsters, children, family

The Garden

Season: All-year round depending on availability of the seasonal plants.
Target: Everyone, especially family and elderly

The Theatre

Season: The start and the end of off peak seasons
Target: Elderly, family

The Light Industry 

Season: Fishing Season (March - Sept)
Target: Unemployed / low-skilled workers, elderly, family

The Gallery

Season: Off peak seaons
Target: Elderly, children, visitors from another towns

Entrance to The End of the Pier